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Friday, January 30, 2009

I had it all the time

A while back I got this bug up my butt about getting something to keep my cell phone in while running. Because of Macy's situation I now take my cell phone everywhere with me and on runs it can get kind of sweaty as I clench it in my palm. I knew my need was logical, but soon it became a have-to-have-it type of thing. My plan was to get something affordable and practical, so one day off to the running store I finally went. I left the store ten minutes later with a twelve dollar "aquapod" that clips my phone (bulkily) to the inside of my running pants. I wasn't loving it but figured it would do the trick. Obsession quelled.

That evening as I prepared for my run I noticed something on the back of my running pants...what was this? A cell phone pocket? There it was, cleverly designed with a zipper so I can reach my phone with ease. Go figure...I had what I needed all the time.

The situation was rather Dorothy-and-the-ruby-slippers to me. While it was no big deal overall, it made me reflect on how often I distract myself from the present by looking for things I already have, whether spiritually, physically, emotionally or materially. Sometimes it's a lipstick I covet (how can I possibly be okay with out the newest shade of nude?) and sometimes it's a self-help book that I can't possibly do another day without, or a bowl (or two) of the kids' cereal that promises to take away my emotional pain. Other times I long for more esoterical "things" such as love, time and happiness. My favorite necklace is a Mobius strip that says, "There is no way to happiness-- happiness is the way." I'll put it on now. What a great reminder for me today.

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