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Friday, February 6, 2009

Fair-Weather Runner Gets Water Wings!

One tired girl plus one rainy day equals one big nap if given the chance....at least that's what I thought I'd do when Brian took Brendan for a while today. Since I don't run in the rain (one of my personal rules), I might as well rest. Cooking, cleaning, laundry and course work didn't appeal at the time (nor did they any time, really). Like the children in The Cat in The Hat, Miley and I solemnly stared out the window wishing for a brighter day. Actually, Miley didn't give a damn what the weather was like. She was patiently waiting for the next unauthorized dog to walk by so she could yap her little head off. To heck with it, I thought, I'll run despite (to spite?)the rain. And so Miley and I took off.

And we didn't even melt.

It was a fantastic run! Whenever I see someone exercising in foul weather I always assume they got stuck outside when in started raining and now are headed home. As I looped past my house three times I realized this is not always the case. Thanks to newly-downloaded Queen on my ipod, I even did some tough hill work at the end. Yay me!

Today I am thinking about:

  • Ways to stay present and keep Macy centered when she goes low and/or gets frustrated
  • Why my ears, scalp and legs and under-arms get so itchy after showering
  • That the cherry blossoms are absolutely gorgeous and I should take the kids to stand beneath them
  • That anyone interested in learning what a diabetic low feels like should visit www.sixuntilme.com and watch Kerri's 2/5 vlog. Amazing insight.
  • That I can learn a lot from Miley about enjoying the moment
  • Quiche (I'm making it for dinner)
  • Polka dots


leslie said...

I actually love running in the rain. To me it feels very primal, and as long as I have a hat and a jacket, it's all good.

You did an amazing job today in that you a) braved running in the rain, and b) added HILL REPEATS to the run. Wow!!!

But I gotta know, what Queen song(s) are you listening to?

Hope the quiche is fabulous!

Sandy said...

I love the cartoon! Let's hear it for Euphoria!!!
Let's see about putting more running in the rain, and afternoon naps into the schedule!!