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Monday, June 15, 2009

Man, it's good to be wrong.

"Mommy...Can I have a drink of water?"

As parents we've heard that line a bunch of times. Usually we think it's a ploy to stay up a little bit later, to come into our bed, to avoid what we cherish-- sleep. At least we thought that way until six months ago when we woke up to the fact that excessive night thirst is a sign of diabetes. With Macy's diagnosis came a new parental perspective on so many things. But this isn't about Macy. This time it's about Brendan.

The past few nights he'd asked for water.

Worry tapped at my heart.

Today I returned from dropping Macy off at camp (half-day, less than a mile away, and still I was completely on edge), Brian announced that Bren asked for a big glass of ice-water as soon as he got out of bed.

"Don't panic," I tried to tell Worry, but Worry couldn't hear me as it banged on a big bass drum.

"Let's play a game!" I tell Brendan. "You pee in a little cup, we'll dip this little stick in it, and we'll see what color it turns!"

Having no idea that I was testing for the ketones that would indicate diabetes, he agreed.

And the neutral colored test patch turnd scarlet, indicating moderate to large ketones were present in his urine.

Just like when Macy was diagnosed.

Worry screamed "I TOLD YOU SO!"

Through tears I demanded an appointment with his doctor. They got us in immediately and took another urine test, this time looking for not only ketones, but sugar....which there was none of.

It turns out that the reason Bren was asking for water, and ketones were showing in his urine, was because he's dehydrated.

No, really....he was asking for water because his body was soooo thirsty....that's it!

We immediately took him to Jamba Juice and tried to let our brains recover from this latest family mindf**k.

Man, it's good to be wrong.

Friday, June 12, 2009

First Things First

When I do the following I stay happy, balanced, somewhat sane and ready for full participation with my family and friends:
  • Eating Right: No sugar, lots of fresh foods at regular intervals
  • Sleeping: Eight *uninterrupted* hours, please!
  • Engaging in Daily Physical Activity: Running, kickboxing, kettlebell workouts
  • Playing: Pole, please!
  • Reading stuff that keeps me focused
  • Spending Quiet Time In The Morning (dare I say meditation?) when I can set my day.

Doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, picking up toys and running errands are NOT on my list! But truly I spend more time prioritizing those things than fitting in what really matters. Is this an AHA moment? Heck no! I've known this all along. Then why don't I follow my own owner's manual? Like all the owner's manuals for important things in my life, I often don't know where it is. I'll have to think about that one for a bit...

I'm excited about being an Honoree for the Santa Cruz Team In Training Marathoners! I meet them tomorrow for a picnic in the redwoods. It feels good to be stepping outside of myself and getting involved in something great. It's been a while.