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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Long time, No blog

Seriously... long time-- no blog!!! What gives? Life, marriage, separation, remarriage (same guy!), kids, work, depression, elation, etc...etc....

So I though the best way to return would be to re-do my version of the Proust Survey. No over-thinking it... here goes:

1. I am one happy girl because I am loved and I love.

2. I am courageous when I resurface and try again.

3. I am most compassionate toward animals. (So sorry, Black Pearl.)

4. When I see myself as complete I am balancing exercise, good reads and good food. Also, when I am giving, giving, giving instead of wanting.

5. I am working on acceptance and compassion. Self love is harder than it sounds.

6. Every woman needs to know she is complete, as is.

7. If I had a magic wand I'd cure diabetes, erase vanity and arrogance and give all dogs a home.

8. I’ll be best remembered for my passion in the classroom.



:) mw


leslie said...

So happy you're writing again. If you're writing, I'm reading (and even commenting, if I can think of something to say!). Great photo of happy you. :)

Larry said...

Back to stay, I hope. Had to catch your breath and drink some water? I've started at the beginning, and am reading through all of your post in chronological order... and loving them all!