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Monday, July 28, 2014

Brown Sugar vs. Plain

Vibing high today-- which is a really good -albeit surprising- thing. Coming from this plane, ideas flow freely and my default switches to positivity (another welcomed surprise). Brian got me a book of daily readings and the other day's really spoke to me. Essentially it pointed out that we have two choices that influence what we do, say, and think. The alternatives are: what is pleasant and what is beneficial. They're not necessarily mutually exclusive, but certainly polarizing in many instances. Pleasant choices offer instant rewards, while the results of beneficial choices might be delayed. Think short term/long term. I am used to choices of right/wrong, love/fear, giving/taking, but this was a fresh perspective for me. Now (when mindful) I'm filtering my thoughts, words and actions through the new lens--  it's eye opening! So far I have 20/20 vision on the days that I try it. Here's what it looks like:


Pleasant: = extra brown sugar and salt on my morning oatmeal (yum...yum...yum)
Beneficial: = plain steel-cut oats (ho hum)
Bonus Combo: Things that are pleasant and beneficial, like the chai protein smoothie I created today. :)


Pleasant: Staying up super late mindlessly reading celeb gossip on Yahoo until I can't keep my eyes open anymore (I like to call it "unwinding")
Beneficial: Prioritizing sleep by getting in bed early, allowing a margin of time for a good fix of fiction, and then calling it a day at a reasonable time (But this takes discipline and I won't know who wore it best!)


Pleasant: Skipping it because I am tired
Beneficial: Moving my bod anyway, but being gentle with the work-out choice and duration


Pleasant: not doing it 
Beneficial: doing it (ugh)

You get the idea.

When I apply pleasant/beneficial to my words, a whole new level of accountability rises to the top. It's similar to the Buddhist perspective of asking if your words are helpful, true and kind before speaking. 

For example, my sense of humor can be a bit dry and sarcastic.

Pleasant: Getting a laugh because I am *clever* 

Beneficial: Choosing my words carefully to create a positive impact and loving environment instead of a critical one (But this is hardly as fun and it takes thought, time and effort!)

Dang. So much self-censoring to do. And I guess that's the beneficial choice to make.

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leslie said...

I love this new perspective and will be trying it in my own life! What is that saying, something about giving up what we want most in favor of what we want right now? My life has had too much of the "I want it now" of late.

Please keep writing. I learn so much from you!