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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Monday, February 9, 2015

Balancing Bad with Good

If you’re going to do the bad, you still have to do the good.

My sister has a rule that goes something like that.  Even on days when she eats crap (think: cake batter), she still has to eat good foods (like greens and proteins). Poor behavior doesn’t dismiss good behavior. I’ve used this frame a lot to help find some weird sort of balance when I’m on a downward-food slant.

Today I’m thinking of applying her logic to my thoughts. I’ve been working with a specialist on trying to let the Kind Me (KM) rent a bit more space in my head. It’s tough because the Mean Girl Me (MGM) rules tyrannically in my head—allowing very little room for any tenants. For now, that’s okay. KM doesn’t need a mansion-- just a studio. Or a car port. Or a tiny tree house. It’s a start.

When MGM starts casting the spell of inadequacy, I can still let KM whisper. She can say things like, That’s just one opinion or maybe There, there, it’s okay. Much like tempering the crap-food days with nutrition, I can must let the Kind Me speak when the Mean Girl Me shouts. In doing so, I think she’ll get stronger, louder and more confident. 

One day she might even look into buying. 

Photo Credit: The Joke Box (Scale Model Tree House)